Episode 27

Published on:

10th Apr 2024

Biblical Fundraising

Kevin Trotter from The Trellis Group joins host Brandon Bower for this episode of Reflections of The Lighthouse to discuss Biblical fundraising.

Key Topics:

  • Coaching people to raise funds to spur on God's Kingdom
  • Biblical examples of fundraising
  • People don't give because they haven't been asked
  • Should we only ask other Christians to help fund Christian ministries?
  • Questions to consider when fundraising

In Summary: The goal of Christian fundraising is to meet a genuine need in God's kingdom by actively challenging donors to heartfelt, generous, cheerful giving.

Interested in hearing more about Biblical fundraising?

  • Contact Kevin.
  • Join us for the Biblical Fundraising Summit happening on June 13, 2024 from 6pm to 8pm. More details to come.





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